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Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine Smart Shoe Film Machine W/ Shoe Films Dispenser Hand Free

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine Smart Shoe Film Machine W/ Shoe Films Dispenser Hand Free

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

CN: Guangdong

Material: Plastic

Origin: Mainland China

Department: Unisex Adults

Features: Waterproof

Shoe Size: 58x26x10cm

Color: gray

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine Smart Shoe Film Machine + Shoe Film

Dear customers and friends:

First of all, our company is very grateful to you for choosing and trusting our company's product-shoe film machine.

Shoe film machine is a practical, suitable for indoor new products . It is not only suitable for families but also widely used in hotels, real estates, hospitals, computer rooms, exhibition halls, factory dust-free workshops, animal and plant cultivation research sites, etc. Ground. This product does not require a one-cut power supply, safe and reliable, exquisite shape, no need to take off shoes, membrane replacement is simple and convenient.

Shoe film installation and use steps:

Step 1: Lift the cover and put it aside

Step 2: Pick up a roll of shoe film and align the small shafts on both sides of the shoe film with the slots on both sides of the machine

(Put into the card slot on both sides)

Step 3: Pull out the shoe film and lay it flat on the sponge pad of the shoe molding machine. Note: The shoe mold has the glue-adhesive side up, and the non-sticky side is attached to the sponge pad, so that it will stick to the sole. Cover the noodle cover

Step 4: First, use one foot to step on the paved shoe film slightly, and pull the foot with the shoe film back all the way to the black shoe plate at the back (note that it is not too long to avoid cutting the sleeve) ) Shoe toe should be pressed against the machine and stepped on slightly, the shoe film is cut

Precautions for use

In order for you to use this product better, please follow the precautions below:

1. When installing the shoe film, put the glue side up and the non-stick side

The sponge pad is attached to one side, don't reverse it, so as to stick the sole.

2. When sticking the shoe film to the foot, slowly pull back, the length of the shoe film cannot be longer than the black pedal, so as not to affect the cutting film.

3. Because the cutting blade is sharp, do not touch it by hand. Be careful not to let children play with it and pay attention to safety.

4. It is not recommended to use in such a place with large friction, and the shoe film is easy to deform and melt and stick to the shoes when heated

After-sales service:

Every shoe film machine of our company has been rigorously tested before facing the market, and if it is used correctly, it will generally not malfunction. If there is a failure during use, you can directly contact our company

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